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Welcome to PalermoEscape Apartments !


PalermoEscape offer 3 unique apartments just beside the Cappella Palatina.


If you can’t find the right room or apartment in Palermo for your needs, consider to book our apartments that suit your needs.


PalermoEscape holiday apartments is a great idea for romantic getaways, honeymoons, family vacations, and even just those who want to get an insider’s view of life on the island instead of being merely another tourist in another hotel.


With many different choices to suit any budget and any style, Palermo rentals have something to offer just about anyone that is visiting the island, no matter how long you intend on staying. You can rent apartments by the night, or by the week. In the event that you’re taking an extended hiatus, you can even rent Palermo apartments by the month in some cases. It’s all a matter of figuring out what you want, and what your options are. The only thing you should know for sure is that there is more to Sicily than resorts and hotels.




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